Spring cleaning for your Mind and Soul: Here’s how to start Today

2. Live (and Speak!) your Truth

How are you feeling today? OK. But how are you really feeling? Get the point?

It’s difficult to offer true emotional honesty, even (and sometimes mostly) with those that we share deepest connections with. The first step toward achieving this is a willingness to reveal your truest emotions and accept that feedback will ensue – it may be pleasant, it may be a backlash, it may be hurtful. Your job here is to stay true to you and only you and not worry about the other side’s reaction.

The alternative to truthful sharing is negative emotional buildup that may cause an emotional eruption, which, you may be guessing, will not be pleasant, for either party.

This step definitely requires a vast investment and, granted, though not easy, it can prove to be a major mental cleanser in your day-to-day dealings with those around you.


Photo: Image used under license from Freestock.com
Photo: Image used under license from Freestock.com

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