Spring cleaning for your Mind and Soul: Here’s how to start Today

You know that amazing feeling you achieve after you’ve de-cluttered your home office (or any room, for that matter) and purged your closet of all those maybe-I’ll-wear-it-but-odds-are-I’m-never-gonna items of clothing? Feels pretty great, right? Well, think of that type of catharsis, only more internal – a major cleanse of your inner nooks and crannies, if you will.

Here are some sure shot ways to provide your mind and soul with a spring cleaning galore, the effects of which you should be feeling for a long while.


1. Extend an Apology

Let’s start light. Think of something or someone in your life (try to single out the top burden, if the list is longer) that has been causing a certain amount of strain and discomfort on your psyche over the last little while. If you realized that this can be mended by an apology you would extend to the opposite party – do it. Odds are, you’ll feel about 100 lbs. lighter after doing that, as mental weights sometimes create a much more significant sense of heaviness we carry with us at all time, than we give them credit for.


Photo: Image used under license from Freestock.com
Photo: Image used under license from Freestock.com

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