Top Celeb Moms

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

Granted, when it comes to SJP, the very first association is magnificent fashion icon, following closely by being one of the all-time favorite and celebrated comedic actresses. It just so happens that this fashionable diva is also an amazing and devoted mom to her three most prized accessories: son James Wilkie, 14 and twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 7, whom she shares with longtime husband Matthew Broderick. While NYC based Parker and Broderick try to live their lives as much out of the spotlight, especially keeping their three children out of it as much as possible, they have been known to make a full family appearance from time to time, exuding an image of bliss and joy. Parker especially ensures that she balances her busy, powerhouse career with her kids’ school schedules, making that ordinary walk to school a time to be enjoyed and not just an obligation. It’s pretty safe to say that, among pretty much anything else she puts on, Sarah Jessica Parker wears motherhood best of all.


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