Top Celeb Moms

2. Gwen Stefani

So you think rock star and you think ‘mom’ and literally, the very first image that’ll pop into your head will be the hotness that is Ms. Stefani. Right? No doubt about it. The mom of three, with now ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, Stefani’s very public romance with Blake Shelton has brought her (even) closer to our hearts, as she’s been very candid about the demise of her marriage and the love story with Shelton that she has truly deserved. Throughout all the drama, however, she has maintained an extremely close relationship with her three sons, Kingston 11, Zuma 9 and Apollo 3. They are her top priority, while she manages an extremely busy career that only seems to be getting hotter.

Why she’s one hot mama: Gwen’s been through a lot and she’s handled it all with utmost grace and dignity. She ensures that her boys are always taken care of while being a strong woman and a well-rounded role model. Oh, and she’s sort the definition of hot.


Photo by: Daily Mirror
Photo by: Daily Mirror

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