Top Celeb Moms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (isn’t every day Mother’s Day, though?!), we thought it would be fun to check out some of our favorite Celeb moms! You know, the ladies that rule the big and small screens, red carpets, the runway and the charts, and also, somehow, manage to bring it in the ‘mama’ department. It’s clear that the most important job there is comes first to them. Big up for these hot mamas and all you other mamas out there who make it work and work it every single day!

1. Reese Witherspoon

After weathering a pretty nasty divorce in 2006 from fellow actor Ryan Phillipe, Whiterspoon, then a mom to Ava, now 18 and Deacon, now 14, managed to not only win America’s hearts but gain the top prize in her line of work – you know, that golden boy everyone is after but only a very select few manage to snag – an Oscar. She began dating agent Jim Toth in 2010 and the couple, still happily married, has a son Tennessee, born in 2012.

Why she’s one hot mama: Reese is one of those otherworldly creatures that makes everything she does almost effortless and yet it all turns out perfect! She balances a thriving career with, what seems to be a full family life, while being incredibly relatable and the as opposite of pretentious as one could get! She literally seems to have it all – and not take any minute of it for granted.


Photo by: People Magazine
Photo by: People Magazine

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