Top 3 saucy predictions for Golden Globes 2020

1. Meryl Streep will win another Golden Globe. What with her 32nd, record-making nomination and the fact that she is – well, you know – the effin best actress of all time, we can call this one as sure of a shot as Marriage Story winning Best Picture Drama (OK, this is actually only a wish, but the Meryl thing you can count on!)

This year, the living legend is nominated for her role as Nicole Kidman’s spooky, truth-seeking mother-in-law in HBO’s Big Little Lies. In what was somewhat of a lackluster second season of the hit show (oh, shhh, had to be said!), Streep masterfully (is there really any other way?) steals every single scene she’s in and really, made BLL worth watching, this time around.

Can’t wait for her majesty to grace the podium for the gazillionth time! And here’s to a gazillion more!

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