Top 3 saucy predictions for Golden Globes 2020

3. J. Lo will Hustle a win for her pimped out, career-defining turn as Ramona; A-Rod will cheer (and possibly cry) like no fiancée has ever cheered before

So, this one is kind of multilayered prediction, really. While Lopez is certainly a strong favorite in her category (Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture) and, by many counts, has this win locked, tonight will really be about much more for the Latina megastar: she’ll get a chance to rule the red carpet with, what is bound to be one of her strongest looks ever, being a nominee and all. We anticipate a signature J. Lo Glow, of course, with a body-hugging, sparkling gown (too difficult to pin down the designer, but let’s go with Versace, for kicks), while her best accessory, naturally, will be her greatest cheerleader, her rock (and rock provider!), her (one can surely hope) greatest and truest love, Alex Rodriguez. Can. Not. Wait. for that loved up acceptance speech.

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