Celeb IndulgeNews: The Dish you need, Now!

Nope, not a mirage – the Original Supermodels were ALL back together on a Runway!

And by the OG, we mean the OG and, arguably, the only true Supermodels there ever were (sorry Gigi, Kendall and the gang, you’re fab in your own way), namely, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni.

What prompted this luxuriously breathtaking, can’t-believe-your-eyes spectacle?

Something that actually makes perfect sense: The Versace 2018 Spring Runway Show in Milan, which was dedicated to head designer Donatella Varsace’s late brother, Gianni.

“Tribute to Gianni Versace: Celebration of His Life and Works” was posted on the wall and a voice over on the soundtrack repeatedly thanked Gianni for his incomparable legacy – something that, we imagine, are Donatella’s personal sentiments.

The show’s climax is what had the attendees (and later, the planet!) gasping, as a curtain was pulled back to reveal the above named OG’s, wearing gold dresses, briefly posing and then, walking down the runway (trying to pull off the hand-in-hand but it backfired slightly), behind Donatella herself, while George Michael’s ‘Freedom ’90’ filled the air over the speakers. A highly respectful homage to the late Mr. Versace, indeed.

And, safe to say, the killer of all runway finales, ever.


Photo: Vogue.com

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