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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make it Offish-Offish – but not without (some) Controversy

Ever since this relationship became official – as in, we were informed that the Prince Harry and Maghan Markle were indeed a couple, we were awaiting the moment when they will make their first official joint public appearance. Well, this happened. In a way.

The Prince, 33, attended the opening ceremonies of the Invictus Games in Toronto – an event he founded back in 2014 – and his actress girlfriend, 36, who resides in the Canadian city where she films her hit TV show ‘Suits’, cheered on the athletes from the stands. The catch? They were not seated together, but several rows apart. The Prince was seated next to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. first lady, Melania Trump. Markle, wearing a burgundy dress with a leather jacket draped around her shoulders, was seated next to, well, we’re not sure exactly, but it wasn’t her Prince boyfriend.

The global press is taking a collective stance that the separate seating arrangements of the couple was a deliberate decision, as to not take away the attention from the event. Another reason? Markle is (still!) not a royal or a dignitary and thus, it would have branched official protocol to have her seated next to those that are.

Their relationship, which Markle recently revealed was a true love story that they’d like to keep to themselves for a while via an in-depth interview in Vanity Fair magazine, is sure to be hovered over and scrutinized for, well, for as long as it lasts. Comparisons to Price William and and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge every step of the way are also to be expected.

So far, however, the meticulously choreography ‘baby steps’ approach they seem to be taking in the way they’re revealing details pertaining to their union to the public seems to be on the right track.

An engagement, avid royal watchers are predicting, does not seem that far away.


Photo: Express.co.uk

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