2020 Awards Season countdown: What you Need to Know

Style Predictions: What to expect on the Red Carpet

Awards are awesome. We definitely appreciate that the craft is what is celebrated and rewarded here..yadda…yadda.

But, come on!?

Let’s be real here and say what’s on everyone’s minds and really, what everyone is most excited to see (and comment on!) come awards season: the looks the stars will be sporting on the red carpet!

With the likely appearance of J. Lo, Charlize, Renée and Scarlett, to name just a few, our expectations cannot BE any higher!

We are just two days away from the Golden Globes, which will kick things of and set the fashion stage for the entire season. Some of the trends that have graced the runways and are likely to popup on full display – and later to appear in all major retail stores and then, much later, in our very own closets (on a much, much smaller scale, natch) are the following: the plumpy “princess” dress (think “a fool for tulle”), all shades of green (from acid to deep forest), a dramatic, statement bow piece (front, back, anything goes, really), a dipped-looking, mono-colored, silhouette-hugging sequin gown.

‘Nough said.

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