2020 Awards Season countdown: What you Need to Know

Now that we’ve officially entered a new decade, set (and mostly, broken) our new years’ resolutions and are working on a game plan as to how to get that perfect body this year, while looking at that post-holiday image in the mirror and regretting (or not!) the amount of incredible food that we’ve indulged ourselves with the last couple of weeks, it’s time to start thinking about what REALLY matters: the upcoming Awards season that is merely days away from kicking off!

Yes, dear friends, ’tis that wonderful time of year when we get to see the stars at their glitziest, walk one carpet after another, mere days apart, while celebrating (competing) for the highest (best publicized) honors and grab onto a statue of the moment (more fame and moolah) while providing us (if we’re lucky) with a tearjerking speech and, perhaps, a standout, meme-worthy moment that can live on and on. Until next year’s season, that is.

The schedule, baby:

Jan. 5: Golden Globes 
Jan. 7: Oscar nominations voting closes
Jan. 7: DGA Award nominations announced
Jan. 7: PGA Awards nominations announced
Jan. 12: Critics Choice Awards 
Jan. 13: Oscar nominations announced
Jan. 17: American Cinema Editors Eddie Awards
Jan. 18: PGA Awards 
Jan. 19: SAG Awards
Jan. 25: DGA Awards
Jan. 25: American Society of Cinematographers Awards
Jan. 26: GRAMMY Awards 
Jan. 27: Oscar nominees luncheon
Jan. 28: Costume Designers Guild Awards 
Jan. 30: Final Oscar voting opens

Feb. 1: Art Directors Guild Awards
Feb. 1: WGA Awards 
Feb. 2: BAFTA Awards 
Feb. 4: Final Oscar voting closes
Feb. 8: Film Independent Spirit Awards 
Feb. 9: Oscars

Indulgenie Predicts (OK, more like wishes, but shhhhh!)

Let’s focus on the world of film first, since this year, we have a pretty unpredictable and highly eclectic big picture (pun FULLY intended, baby) in front of us. True, a sort of a theme emerges each awards season with several pretty-sure-shot frontrunners that have the honors bagged. Sure thing, a shocker is known to happen from time to time (La La Land, anyone?!) but, come this time of year, we can most often bank on the most likely honorees, especially in the major categories (we’re focused mostly on the Academy Awards here, but, essentially, we’re talking all ceremonies of the circuit.)

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