This is Us is the most talked about TV show this season – and we have (almost) all the answers why

Odds of you not hearing about This is Us (NBC), even if you’re not a die hard fan (aren’t we all, though?!) are slim to none. Even if you’ve only heard the watercooler talk around the office about “that guy Jack’s death” or “the twist” that got the whole, incredibly emotional ball rolling back in September, when the show hit the small screens. It’s simply one of those rare blends of an intoxicating story line, an impeccable cast and just darn, good TV that have turned this shows into a must-watch and can’t-wait-for-next-episode kind of a ride.

The ensemble drama that follows the complex and multilayered lives of the Pearson family has captured the hearts of millions and now that the first season has been concluded – with two more seasons already ordered – we can safely conclude the show is definitely worth talking about. More than that, it’s worth raving about!

*** The next part of this article will contain spoilers, so continue cautiously ***


Photo: Odyssey (originally NBC)
Photo: Odyssey

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