The Only 5 Make Up Trends for Spring 2018 you Need to Know about – and Rock!

Gloss is Boss (again!)

Now, this one may be the biggest game-changer of them all, what with the matte lip game being so front and center for what seems ages now. Brace yourselves, girls! The gloss is back! And not just the all-over-face glossy look that’s also around – we’re talking the good old lip gloss here. Rummage through those drawers and find your long-lost friend that you once couldn’t live without but gave a heartless shove when the lip had to be matte and you really had no other choice. Bring those babies back and, better yet, treat yourself to a new shade or two as this radiance-giving make up staple is back and, let us home, here to stay!


Photo: Trendmut

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