The Only 5 Make Up Trends for Spring 2018 you Need to Know about – and Rock!


The no-makeup-makeup look is not new.

However, it was at the Victoria Beckham runway show that a fabulous new beauty trend – and phrase – came to light: spa skin.

Ahhhhh. Kind of takes you there immediately, doesn’t it?  The fabulously fresh, effortlessly energizes and deliciously dewy skin is the epitomy of this trend, which, if you ask us, is and should remain timeless. Make no mistake: this is not a literally bare look and a considerable amount of product is required to make this illusion of being bare, come to life. Brow products, concealer, loads of highlighter and your-lips-but-better shades of lipstick are essential.  This trend is, perhaps, the most difficult one to achieve, however, if done just right, the results can be tremendeos. Looking like your best, most rested and healthiest self. Natural Skin is back, everyone, and it’s very in.


Photo: Pinterest

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