Instant Boosters: How to feel better right away and keep the feeling all day long!

Slow. It. Down.

Instead of feeling guilty about the fact that you’re in a permanent state of rush (you and about a gazillion others, btw!), decide to acknowledge and accept this fact but also introduce some calmness into your daily routine.

The options vary from signing up for tai chi, to learning and practicing some breathing exercises to journal writing. All three would be amazing, though, picking one and sticking to it should also do wonders.

Research shows that doing tai chi regularly not only improves your endurance and flexibility but may also help control blood sugar and boost your immune system, as the exercise increases levels of certain bacteria-fighting T-cells in your body.

Try some expert-approved breathing techniques to relax those busy thoughts and find your…well, whatever it is you need to find.

Once you master the art of breathing do de-intensify your day, you can introduce another extremely effective tool to clarify your thoughts and feelings and flush out the built-up negativity.

Enter Journaling.

The benefits of this de-stressing practice are numerous, as it centers around exploring your thoughts and feelings  surrounding the events of your life.

Research shows that journaling decreases symptoms of asthma, arthritis and other health conditions. It also improves cognitive functioning and boosts the immune system.

Photo: Image used under license from
Photo: Image used under license from

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