Instant Boosters: How to feel better right away and keep the feeling all day long!

Turn to Mother Nature

You don’t have to be the outdoorsy type to use the wealth of nature and its boundless beauty to make you happier, boost your mental and physical well-being and generally, enjoy life more.

A simple 30-minute walk on a sunny day will do wonders for your brain, increasing its ability to process new information, studies have shown.

Even better, you can experience an immune system boost, improved mental health, sharper thinking and creativity and improved concentration, to name just a few of a long list of benefits that time spent in nature can introduce.

Don’t have access to a forest? Not a problem. A city park will do just fine. Start with spending your lunch break in a nearby park a few times a week and start reaping the benefits of a boosted performance at the office and a crisper, problem-solving mind.

Though these studies are still in the early phases, research has also suggested that spending time in nature – in forests in particular – may be a catalyst in production of anti-cancer proteins.

We’ll see you outside then? Good call!

Photo: Image used under license from
Photo: Image used under license from

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