Top 3 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends to Know About

We are mere days away from hitting the Fall 2020 season. The name of the game has changed in just about all segments of life over the last several months, and, naturally, this is also very true when it comes to the world of fashion.

The all-important, ever-evolving industry that works tirelessly and perpetually to bring forth and encourage unabashed creativity, flair and passion, embodied in form of a garment or accessory.

Everyone needed to scrap their original road maps and form a sophisticated Plan B: from designers to taste-makers and finally, the end consumers.

For the most part, collections were presented over an online platform and not in their natural habitat, the almighty runway, where traditionally, so much of the magic happens. The followup discussions among industry insiders and those who would be expected to bring forth the verdict of the major trends and must-haves of the season, did so from their respected homes. The mood screams awkwardness and slight discomfort.

A few things are for certain.

For one, the colder months of the year are upon us.

Sweater weather is bound to happen and we are going to be changing the way we attire – regardless of where we are to be spending the majority of our time. Home-bound or not, if fashion trends were your area of interest pre-pandemic (not to mention, if you involved in the industry itself), you will remain a devotee in the new normal and all future normals, because, frankly, for so many of us, it is not a matter of choice but a matter of being.

And so, before you are the top trends that we feel will dominate the Fall 2020 fashion season.

*Disclaimer: among the many apparent trends, these are the ones that we feel are most adequate and sense-full, universally-applicable, wearable and affordable.

Pedal to the Metal

The attention-grabbing glimmering trend has been around for a while and – it is staying firmly put. All major shows incorporated metallics into their offerings in some form or another. For Fall 2020, the texture tends to be more liquid-y, while there is also a rise in form of metallic embellishments. The level of punch can vary with this one, so you may opt for a more understated, work friendly option of a blazer sporting shimmering pinstripes, while reserving a bolder, in-your-face silver or gold gown or tailored suit, to spice up an event appearance.

That’s fur-shearling!

Who doesn’t like a great, bit, cozy cuddle? Yeah, thought so.

Let’s all be thankful that a major fall fashion trend of this wacky year (2020, you been rough, girl!) provides that, exactly: a mushy, toasty, body wrapping that’ll keep you snug on the outside and, quite possibly, provide some warm fuzzy feelings on the inside as well. When it comes to outerwear, shearling will be a dominant force: ranging from lush over-sized pieces to updated, never-not-winning, bomber jackets. For many, this may mean giving an all ride-or-die statement piece they keep safe in their closet a new run for its money. Others will find it a challenge not to jump on the bandwagon, if only for the good old “if you can’t win them, join them” reasoning, as the streets, worldwide, are bound to become one huge shearling-covered runway.

Geometry Lesson

If prints are your thing, you’re in luck. The bolder and more geometry-full, the better and, to make it super easy for everyone to jump on and partake in this major trend – these striking and very statement-y illustrations are everywhere. You’ll be hard-pressed to miss having at least one (more like, outfits featuring an abstract-adorned item with a lines and dots combo all over it. What’s great about this trend is that, as wacky and forward as it may seem on the surface, it is one of those super-customizable and “something for everyone” types of situations that will find its way to fit into your signature style. Expect to see it on about a gazillion of OOTD posts in the months to come.

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