The Top Shoe Trends you need to know about this Spring: We have you covered

We all know by now that even the most fabulous outfit can fall flat, if the shoe that accompanies it is not up to par.

That said, let’s delve into the major shoe trends of the upcoming season and see what the runway and street have put before us, so that you plan accordingly and ensure that you’re ready to dazzle with each and every step you make.

1. Wrapped around (and around and around)

Odds are you already have a strappy stiletto or flat sandal with some strap-around play in your closet and this season, you’ll be happy to know, it’s all about the wrap around. The first word that comes to mind with this staple piece is s-e-x-y. Accentuating the ankle with that thin piece of leather, while adding some height has always been a winner and now, with a vast selection of styles and variations of wearing them (a trend tied to this one is wearing strappy stilettos with sheer stockings), you can enjoy the trend while putting your mega stylish, elongated leg forward.


Photo: Fashionisers
Photo: Fashionisers

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