The Top 5 KKW Beauty Products you Need

It’s a new world, folks! 2020 has been one wild roller coaster ride but the one shocker no one expected was the announcement of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” ending (in early 2021, but still) after 14 years on air and 20, we dare say, gloriously delicious seasons.

That is one tough pill to swallow, though, we can’t say we blame the Kardashian-Jenner clan for wanting to bow out and, quite possibly, chill the heck out from constantly being followed by a film crew (albeit willingly and for a pretty buck and only for a few months at a time, but still).

We will revisit this hot topic in a specially dedicated post, you can bet on that.

Right now, let us delve into the nitty-gritty of the top products from KKW Beauty – Kim K. W’s uber-successful cosmetics empire, launched in 2017. Many a line, collab and artsy and enticing promo campaign later, here is a top 5 list of KKW Beauty products that, we feel, are most worth your time, attention and money.

KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Eyeshadow Palette

What it claims to do: the 10-pan eyeshadow palette provides a perfect set of mattes and shimmers, in breathtakingly beautiful shades ranging from basic nudes to lush pinks and purples. All shades complement each other and are great for everyday wear, while also completely adjustable to layering a more intense, nighttime look.

What is actually does: Beside looking gorge, this palette really delivers when it comes to wearability or, more precisely, blendability. The colors are highly pigmented, providing long-lasting (we’re talking all day here, if necessary!) wear, plus, the added benefit of quick and easy application. This is the main reason why this palette may easily become your daily go-to, especially on those rushed mornings when you only have a hot minute to dress up your face and bounce! The universally-flattering tones will work with every skin tone, aiding you in creating an effortlessly fresh and pretty look you can wear anywhere you desire.

Should you check it out? We warmly suggest you give it a shot. Our friends at Amazon have it ready for you, right here.

KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting Body Foundation

What it claims to do: Airbrush your body to perfection, stay put for as long as you want and need it to and give you the confidence boost of your life! And that’s just for starters.

According to the brand, this liquid-y miracle works to blur imperfections, enhance skin tone and provide a flawless finish for any look, where the innovative pigments in its long-wear formula blend evenly and seamlessly into the skin.

What is actually does: Everything it claims. And then some. On top of being water and transfer-proof, it also smells great and is truly deserving of getting all the praise it’s gotten, literally since the first day it launched. Experts even say it just may be the best product of its kind on the market.

Should you check it out? Ohhhhhhh yes. Yup. For sure. Mhm.

KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Kit

What it claims to do: One of the undisputed truths in the makeup world is that Kim Kardashian West and her longtime friend and collaborator, MUA wiz Mario Dedivanovic, are to blame for the entrance of contouring onto the scene and sticking to it real tight for several years. In fact, it may never leave the stage completely, as it presents one of those magic-like techniques that can truly transform one’s appearance and sculpt a face to its optimal shape. Yes, it’s not easy to master. And true, you may never be able to do it half as good as Mario. What you can do is try. And then try again and again, using the product that KKW beauty has developed and launched for this very purpose.

This carefully crafted kit earned staple status – with amateurs and professionals, alike – almost as soon as it hit the market.

What is actually does: Essentially, whatever you want it do. The ultra creamy formula ensures a smooth and seamless application process. The wide availability of shades ensures that everyone is covered, when it comes to their desire to sculpt and perfect their cheeks, hairline, nose, jawline, even décolletage.

Along with the industry-leading formulas of their products, KKW beauty has earned top-notch accolades and leadership status, when it comes to their impeccably and purposefully designed applicators. The ones included in this precious and must-have kit, are among the most coveted ones.

Should you check it out? If you enjoy the world of makeup and with that, fancy delving into some of the more advanced and challenging techniques – with, potentially astonishing results, this kit is for you. It is also a winning gift idea to the makeup lover in your life.

KKW Beauty Nude Crème Lipstick

What it claims to do: Attributing the popularity wave of contouring to KKW and her makeup line and approach is one thing. But, let’s be real: what about the impeccable, fresh yet seductive, universally adored and looks-amazing-on-nearly-everyone look – the nude lip?

That’s right.

Kim again.

Hence the Nude Crème Lipstick line she developed for KKW Beauty, had to be the go-to choice, when one wanted to achieve that coveted, effortless but polished look that Kim K. W., and now about a gazillion of others, subscribe to again and again.

What is actually does: Provides a luxurious, quenching feeling to your lips, as its formula is rich in oils and extracts that make it super comfortable to wear. A wide selection of nude shades to choose from will satisfy anyone’s taste and match any natural lip color – but be careful about one thing: getting too comfortable with this winning lipstick may lead to a serious neglect of some of your other staples (love red lips? well, things may change drastically), so, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Should you check it out? Check out? Yes. Be extra careful about not stocking up on all available shades at once? Surely.

KKW Beauty Black Mascara

What it claims to do: While you may think, “oh, mascara-shmascara, what can be so great about yet another black mascara out there?” Well, you’re right. Not much is new.

What KKW Beauty promises with their mascara is nothing special, but, really, not that far from what we all truly, truly want from a colored wand we reach out to, to make our peepers stand out and look all pretty and stuff.

What is actually does: When applied correctly, one coat of this mascara will provide your lashes with a long-lasting, fuller, thicker look. The more coats, the merrier, the choice is absolutely yours.

Should you check it out? If you’re in the market for a no-fuss, everyday staple mascara that’ll deliver every time you reach out for it, then, this KKW beauty version could be your top choice.

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