Make a Date with Your Best Self: Here’s How

The most incredible thing about your authentic self is that there isn’t anyone else on this entire planet of ours – and some others in fact, if we’re really gonna let ourselves go that far – quite the same. Granted, you may have a twin and that does come pretty close, but, still – not the same. It’s you baby, you’re the ONE. In this scenario, we are all THE ONE. Pretty fantastic when you really dip your mind into it, isn’t it? Even if we’re not lucky enough to meet THE ONE that completes us (do we still believe in that poopiness, btw, or are those over-romanticized and frankly, pretty self-demeaning clichés truly passé and out like jeggings, for instance?), we are all able of meeting, falling in love and achieve the coveted happily-ever-after with the very best version of ourselves.

Care for Thy Self

OK, so self-care is truly a concept that is as old as human kind. It’s just now been getting a helluva lot more buzz because a) it’s like SUPER necessary and b) it’s something that we can all do, at least to some degree, for ourselves immediately, without anyone else involved, truly serving that whole idea of caring for (and loving!) ourselves first and foremost, setting the stage for more love to latch onto to that love, if that’s what we’re into.

Proper self-care practice is intricate and subjective. It can range from simply getting enough sleep, to being mindful of what you put into your body to getting the right amount of physical and mental exercise, to having at least one massage per week, to keeping a compliments log, tooo…ah, you get it. The list is endless. And flexible. And entirely yours to craft and indulge in. The idea that ties it all together is that you need to let your true self feel taken care of – be that comforting, snuggly blanket for your own self at all times, knowing that it is YOU and only YOU that will wrap yourself up and make it all better.

New Year – Same You – BUT, more loved up!

Let’s make a plan! In your effort to be the most LOVED you this year (and, hopefully, all the years that follow, but let’s start with 2020), let @Indulgenie be your top ally! We vow to keep you covered on all the necessary elements to feel truly and utterly Indulged with all the tops news, trends and ideas on how to feel the love, be the love and spread the love that you deserve.

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