J-Rod confirms Hottest Couple on planet Earth status at Joint Birthday Bash

This Ain’t Funny at all. It’s sizzling hot, is what it is.

The insanely hot duo celebrated their respective birthdays at a joint bash where they boldly put their romance on full display – and then some.

The loved-up Leos (Lopez’s birthday is July 24th and Rodriguez’s falls on July 27th) could literally not keep their hands, lips and other assorted body parts off each other the entire night, where the sweet moments of PDA were only upstaged by some seriously hot dancing and, of course, serenading each other — and frankly, nobody can blame them. The chemistry is so palpable with these two, it’s borderline spooky. As in, it’s spooky how much sense this pairing makes and how in the world is it possible that they’ve only just now gotten together?! For those who really want to dig into this conundrum, we have two words: Cris Judd. Or better yet: Casper Smart.


OK, point made.


Photo: Footwear News
Photo: Footwear News

It’s fair to say that the now 48-year-old megastar has never looked happier not more amazing than over these last couple of months, which have coincided with her high-profile romance with the, equally happy’n’hot looking A-Rod, 42. It’s hard for even J.Lo to out-hot J.Lo, but she’s managed to do it – capping off this victory with the look she dazzled with at the Miami bash.

The singer-actress rocked a sheer mini dress by Bao Tranchi that reveals a whole lot (it would be a travesty NOT to showcase those unreal abs), yet somehow leaves just enough to imagination. Kind of symbolic of the J-Rod relationship, n’est pas?

The look was completed by her signature oversized hoops, a bedazzled clutch and black sandals. Oh, and that signature, can’t-recreate-it-no-matter-what-you-try J. Lo glow, now, with Rodriguez by her side, in it’s most amplified state to date.

The former pro athlete proved his dashing status, choosing a bright blue suit, with a slightly undone while dress shirt under it – Miami, anyone?

The celebration, packed with the couples close friends and family, also featured a gold and silver six-tier cake decorated with cream roses, with Jennifer’s name as the centerpiece of the night.

Both Lopez and Rodriguez posted pictures and videos from their exciting soirée on their respective Instagram accounts, sharing their joy and glimpses of intimacy, far and wide.

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