Cooper and Garner: The Conundrum we Didn’t know we Needed

Say you’re single. You have a kid (or a couple) from a previous relationship. You’re hot. Scratch that – you’re super hot. You may or may not be a globally loved and adored Hollywood A-lister.

Now say you have a friend who checks all these boxes as well. You’re cool. You’ve been cool for a loooong, long time. You decide to spend some time at a beach, kid(s) in tow.

And, bam!

Hi Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper and thanks much for providing us with this are-they-or-arent-they buzz of we’ve been craving.

Times, they are hard right now and we’ll take any kind of sugary news we can get – this, being a perfect example.

Sure. By know we have calmed down and accepted the fact that the ex Alias costars are “ friends and have been forever,” as proclaimed by an insider.

Friends have been known to turn into more, riiighhttt?

Here’s a quick rewind: Garner, 48, used to be married to actor Scott Foley. Once that was dunzo, she married some tall dark and handsome dude, which led to about a decade of blistering perfection, 3 kids, addiction-driven-demise of said perfection, a coupla Oscars and then that was dunzo as well. While the TDH dude is having quite the fresh’n’frilly romance of his own at the moment, Garner quietly dated a John (Miller) for a couple of years. This relationship ended just around the Malibu beach date she shared with Cooper, 45, and his 3-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, whom he shares with ex-partner, model Irina Shayk.

Feel all caught up now?

We sure hope so. For whatever it may be worth, one thing is for certain: these two are gloriously adorbs together and, whatever happens (or doesn’t!) in the future, we thank them, full-heartedly, for having giving us a positively charming topic to gab about. Plus, if this is simply a subliminal low key ploy to get us back on the Alias bandwagon, we’re totes game for that too!

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