5 Things You Can start doing Today and become Your Best Self – Instantly!

1. Make a baby step toward a great change and walk into it gradually

Every great change starts with one tiny step. The direction can very. Sometimes it’s forward, other times, you need to take a step back in order to start going the right way.

Even a tiny shift in thought can lead to astounding results in the long run. In terms of your life strategy, start by making one subtle (ah, but is it subtle?!) shift in behavior and let them accumulate over time. Don’t spend too much time thinking about the end game, until it starts to reveal itself, as you’re putting those tiny blocks of change and prosperity one on top of another.

Examples of this can range from adjusting your portion size come dinner time (ever so slightly) to eliminating that one major daily interruption that you know eats up a lot of your productivity over a span of time. Saving 30 minutes a day is equal to about 22 full days a year. That’s almost a month of valuable time. Your time.

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