Top 5 Celeb Moms: Just ’cause we Feel like It


Even if don’t count yourself as a full on member of the Beehive, you probably still have some sort of admiration for the Queen Bey herself, her being the fiercest one of all. Are we right or are we Right?!

The multitalented, multi-sensational Mrs. Carter can’t seem to do anything halfway. She somehow manages to literally slay everything she touches, posing an unassuming and oh-so-sweet domination, leaving literally everyone to admire her (be it her fans or her peers – er, Adele?) and, on top of all her professional success, the now mother of three makes motherhood look like the coolest gig around.

Somehow, we get the feeling that Beyoncé is only getting started with what she has in store, creatively. And in any other way. Her and Jigga being back to that level of togetherness that we collectively yearned for, the birth of her next project – it being an album or another addition to the brood – is sure to be dazzlingly delicious.



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