Indulgenie’s HAWT 5 Vibes

HAWT as in “Hot” or “Having A Wonderful Time”  essential picks to indulge yourself and sink your soul into

Soul Binge-worthy

Right now, the entire population of our planet can be divided into two categories: those who’ve watched the BBC/Hulu masterpiece Normal People and, those who are about to. We’re jealous of anyone who is yet to experience this magic screen-version of  Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel of the same name. A teeny consolation for those of us who’ve binged the story of Connell and Marianne for the umpteenth time: Rooney’s first novel Conversations with Friends will also be spun into a BBC series.


2020 sucks. We get that. Thankfully, we’re almost in the final stretch of this dreadful year. Of course, on top of all the ick that’s been plaguing our reality this year, how about the having a globally gross year PLUS living through a personally poop-y time such as, a public breakup?

There are two that come to mind right out of the gate.

Justin Hartley & Chrishell Stause’s sticky, yet-to-be fully uncovered, reality-fueled split and Brian Austin Green and Meghan Fox’s sort of surprising and hotter and raunchier by the minute split. Both of these have us pretty darn shook, so, we’ll turn into a whole new post, so, watch out for that one!

What the (Life) Hack, Baby!?

Thinking of giving a room in your casa a fresh coat of paint? Oh, we just loooveee reading your minds! Make sure you’ve placed a rubber band around the middle of the open can of paint and use it to rub the excess paint off the brush, before you start sliding it on your wall. You’re welcs!

Things that Make Us go Ommmm…

Check out a series of meditation sessions that Jennifer Garner did with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts (AKA @chelsealovesyoga) and, generously shared with the rest of us, on her Instagram page.

Take a Chance on this Game Changer

Simply put: calm the F down. That’s right. Ensure that you’ve at least thought of the concept of being calm once during your day. Even if you think of the word “CALM” in your head, or say it, slowly and quietly, three times out loud – you’ve done something! You’ve given yourself a gift of a mindful reset and for that, you will be more than awarded.

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